Meeting at The Spring Sugar And Wine Festival
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Meeting at The Spring Sugar And Wine Festival

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Meeting at The Spring Sugar And Wine Festival

         Meeting at the Spring Sugar and Wine Festival, Jialong Food actively embraces mass selling snacks to achieve rapid growth!


       "In 2023, Jialong Food firmly embraced the trend of mass selling snacks, with a channel performance of nearly 200 million yuan. The order volume of the snack systems, such as Wanchen series, Love Snacks, and Snacks Busy, has already exceeded 100 million yuan. In 2024, Jialong will seize the opportunity to pursue success and achieve rapid growth. With the help of its national mass selling snack partners, it will surely achieve channel explosion and performance surge."

         Li Yuanzheng, the founder of Jialong Food, delivered a passionate speech at the conference and won thunderous applause from the audience.


        Spring returns to the earth, all things new! In March, Chengdu is full of spring and vitality!

         On March 15, the theme conference of Chengdu Spring Sugar "Dating Spring ·2024 National Spring Omni-channel Docking Base" was held in Tivoli Hotel, Chengdu Intangible Heritage Expo Park, and Jialong Food brought new products to the conference.

          In the end, Jialong Food, with its strong strength, ultra-high quality to price ratio, and explosive sales policies, was like a thunderbolt on the ground, igniting the entire venue. Jialong's best-selling single products, such as konjac snack with fresh bamboo shoots ,big spicy slices, and crispy konjac snack, were very popular. Sales partners such as Xunwu She, Snack Youming, and Xiangyu Shejian ordered them on the spot, causing a sensation throughout the venue.

Chairman Li Yuanzheng's keynote speech won thunderous applause

      On the afternoon of the 15th, Li Yuanzheng, the founder of Jialong Food, attended the docking base forum as an invited guest and gave a keynote speech on "Category Innovation, Cost Leadership, Channel Explosion!" The sincere words and passionate speech of Chairman Li Yuanzheng received enthusiastic applause from the attendees, and the response was enthusiastic.


        In his speech, Li Yuanzheng deeply lamented his inexplicable bond with the food industry, expressed his unwavering love for the food industry, remained optimistic about the snack industry, and firmly embraced mass selling snacks to jointly build a trillion dollar new ecosystem of snack food;

        Li Yuanzheng stated that Jialong Food has been deeply involved in the food industry for 30 years, with a profound industry background, excellent business capabilities, and strong brand potential.

        In the new era, Jialong adheres to a healthy orientation, based on category innovation, creates differentiated development, and provides customized, high-quality and cost-effective service channels and users through all channels, igniting a new business model of mass selling snacks, and jointly building a new ecosystem of high-quality development.


      In recent years, category innovation has been an important tool for Jialong Food to win the market, especially in gaining the favor of many brands in the mass sales snack market. It has also become a new engine driving the rapid and healthy development of Jialong Food.

        In his speech, Li Yuanzheng listed Jialong's innovative products such as "Mixed Cereals, Konjac snack with fresh bamboo shoot, and Crispy konjac snack", all of which have become best-selling and explosive products across all channels.


         Jialong Food actively embraces the market of mass selling snacks, and has made innovative efforts in product packaging, customization, and high quality to price ratio, providing visible benefits to its snack partners and end users. Jialong Food's multiple innovative products have also become traffic codes that ignite the mass selling market.

         Finally, Li Yuanzheng sincerely invites the snack system to work together to create a trillion dollar new ecosystem of leisure snacks and embrace new opportunities for leisure snacks.

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