Konjac snack with fresh bamboo shoot are a gift from nature and a perfect match for Jialong!
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Konjac snack with fresh bamboo shoot are a gift from nature and a perfect match for Jialong!

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Konjac snack with fresh bamboo shoot are a gift from nature and a perfect match for Jialong!

          In modern China, transportation is highly developed and high-speed railways and highways are widely accessible, which not only facilitates people's travel but also opens up more possibilities for the collision of food and ingredients.

         You may not imagine that the birth of a latiao, a gathering of wheat from Henan, Hunan glutinous rice and other raw materials, as well as Yunnan grass fruit, Guangxi white Meg, Sichuan pepper, Guizhou pepper, and even India nutmeg and dozens of spices, to create a consumer's favorite taste.

         In order to match the ultimate experience in the minds of consumers, Jialong Food not only selects the best raw materials and spices across the country, but even looks to the world.

         Not only latiao, Jialong holds such ingenuity and persistence in the whole category of products, which is to achieve the ultimate product, the taste to achieve the extreme, and the consumer experience to achieve the extreme.

         This is what Li Yuanzheng, the founder of Jialong Food, often mentions: to do one thing to the extreme, and the spirit of "ingenuity" behind it.

         The protagonist of today's article Konjac snack with fresh bamboo shoot is such an extreme product.

         The time and space encounter between bamboo shoots and konjac is a classic innovation


         In order to bring consumers a more diversified taste experience, Jialong constantly innovates in product categories, keeps up with the trend of The Times, and Konjac snack with fresh bamboo shoot is one of the innovative representatives.

         Bamboo shoots and konjac both belong to the category of mountain delicacies and are common ingredients among people in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, and other regions

         Jialong has truly pioneered the innovative combination of bamboo shoots and konjac into people's daily leisure snacks.

         When you pick up a bag of Jialong's Konjac snack with fresh bamboo shoot and enjoy the crisp taste brought by bamboo shoots and konjac, you will find that both ingredients have a crisp experience, but there are obvious differences;

         Konjac belongs to the crisp, soft and tender, and bamboo shoot is the crisp, the two different taste of the crisp, produced a wonderful complement, produced a kind of people chew more happy taste, it is really a very wonderful experience.


          At this point, you may marvel at the abundance and generosity of nature, which has laid out all the ingredients around us for us to enjoy, allowing us to make wonderful combinations and innovations to collide different tastes.

          To paraphrase an advertising saying, Jia Long is just a porter of nature, choosing bamboo shoots and konjac among nature's treasures.

         However, Jialong's creativity lies not only in the choice of two ingredients, but also in the preservation and taste of the "ingenuity" to create.

Konjac snack with fresh bamboo shoot

A must-have snack for women with no problem

          For women who put weight loss control card on their lips every day, Konjac snack with fresh bamboo shoot has a congenital advantage, which is simply a God-sent diet replacement snack.


          Every 100g Konjac contains 74.4g dietary fiber, which is the first place in the dietary fiber content of common foods;

          Every 100g of fresh bamboo shoots, the water content of which is close to 90%, while containing trace elements such as manganese, zinc and potassium.

         Therefore, bamboo shoots and konjac, are low in calories, low in fat, rich in dietary fiber ingredients, while both are rich in plant protein and amino acids, is simply a God send filling snacks.

         The combination of fresh bamboo shoots and konjac can not help but let us sigh the wonderful creation of nature, but also sigh Jia Long's unique insight.


         In the innovation of products, Jialong is not only extremely strict on the quality of raw materials, but also has unique insights in taste, taste, and even health and nutrition.

         Because, to meet the needs of consumers, aiming at the demands of consumers, is the first condition for a good product, but also Jialong 25 years based on the business of casual snacks.

         Deep cultivation of leisure snacks for 25 years, Jialong has a near-paranoid pursuit of product taste, an accurate grasp of consumer taste preferences, and a sense of urgency for product research and development and innovation.

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