Dig Deep into The "bamboo Shoot Fever" Gene And Enjoy The Wonderful Taste
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Dig Deep into The "bamboo Shoot Fever" Gene And Enjoy The Wonderful Taste

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-12-11      Origin: Site


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Dig Deep into The "bamboo Shoot Fever" Gene And Enjoy The Wonderful Taste

      Four thousand years ago, the ancestors of the Chinese people had a general understanding of the delicious bamboo shoots, 'you can taste the fragrance of bamboo shoots when you come'. From ancient times to the present, the history of Chinese eating bamboo shoots can be described as long-standing. There are countless poems and verses about eating bamboo shoots, which have been widely recorded and circulated.


      Eating bamboo shoots was quite common in the Han Dynasty. After the Six Dynasties, bamboo shoots were gradually regarded as a "clear supply of mountains". Under the social atmosphere of literati and scholars who like bamboo, bamboo shoot eating has gradually become a kind of elegant fashion, which has become increasingly popular since the Tang Dynasty. Scholars in the Song Dynasty loved bamboo and bamboo shoots even more, and the wind of eating bamboo shoots reached a climax in history. During the yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, bamboo shoots were regarded as a special pleasure of eating and living, following the style of the Tang and Song dynasties. In contemporary Liang Shiqiu's "Ya she Tan Chi", there is "no bamboo makes people vulgar, and no meat makes people thin". If you want to be neither vulgar nor thin, the saying of cooking meat with bamboo shoots at meals is popular.


         Up to now, the "bamboo shoot fever" has swept young consumer groups and is considered a trend of "light eating". The meat of bamboo shoots is delicate, crisp and refreshing. It is a pollution-free natural green food with "high protein, low fat, low starch and multi fiber". Delicious and high fiber bamboo shoots, from the beginning of chewing, reflect the full and wonderful benefits, taste delicious, intoxicate the taste, promote digestion, easy to fill and endure hunger, benefit the intestines and defecate, and so on.

          At present, we often find salted bamboo shoots, fresh water bamboo shoots, dried bamboo shoots, canned bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots and other clean vegetables in the market. However, as fresh water bamboo shoots need secondary processing before eating, sulfur agents are used as color protectants in the smoking process of dried bamboo shoots, and pickled bamboo shoots are high in salt. These bamboo shoot products are difficult to retain the original flavor, freshness and nutritional value of bamboo shoots in terms of production, processing, technology and so on.


          Jialong R & D team dug into the 'bamboo shoot fever' gene, adopted the combination of bamboo shoots and konjak, and processed and modulated konjak flour and fresh bamboo shoots through unique processes and formulas. The product retained the original flavor and freshness of bamboo shoots, with crisp taste, nutrition and health.

         Konjak and bamboo shoots complement each other in nutrients. Their protein content is higher than that of seasoned bamboo shoots and instant konjak, which are similar products in the market. It not only meets the healthy diet concept of low-fat and low sugar for contemporary young people, but also enriches the multi-level taste needs of consumers, so that Chinese people can eat fresh konjak shoots all year round.


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